12 Steps to Style Your Hair with a Flat Iron

Whenever we go to a parlour and get curls done with the help of a hair straightener, it is quite common that the curls open by the time we reach home. This is obviously a very sad sight for all the females. This time, we wish that we had devices to curl our hair again and redo our hair style. Below given are 15 simple steps that will help you to create the curled hair look all by yourself simply by sitting at home and using the hair styling devices. You might create a mess first but you will surely gain perfection after the continuous practice.

If you are sure or aware of your hair type, then these steps will go all the simpler for you. You can get amazing curls with the touch of the professionals of the parlour just by using some devices sitting at your place. But it is necessary for you to have the idea of your hair type to get better results otherwise it might be slightly difficult.

Style Your Hair with a Flat Iron

So here are the instructions that you can follow for outstanding curls while sticking to your type of hair.

Step 1:

You should never try and use the straightener on wet hair. This is because the plates are hot and can excessively damage your hair. You will end up paying a huge amount to get your damaged hair repaired. If the straightener plate touches any part of your skin, it can leave burns there too.

Step 2:

Here is the list of devices which you will require styling your hair:

  1. Hair straightener
  2. Hair dryer
  3. Brushes
  4. Clips
  5. Mirror
  6. Hair serum
  7. Head spray

Step 3:

You should plug your device in the switch and then certainly wait for the device to heat up to the desired temperature. Also, it should be kept on a flat surface which is sturdy too.

The temperature differs from each hair type. You should consult below for the temperature to be taken up for sticking to your kind of hair.

  • Curly = 380 to 430°
  • Wavy = 360 to 380°
  • Straight = 200 to 360°

Step 4:

Use a hair dryer so that it can help you dry your hair faster. You should comb your while drying because it does not let the hair form knots or detangle. You can also comb your hair after your drying process is completely over. Here you can also check out the hoover air cordless.

Step 5:

It is necessary for you to own a hair serum if you want your hair strands to fight against the heat damage. You should first put it on your hand and then apply it all over your hair including the roots and the tips.

Style Your Hair with a Flat Iron

Step 6:

After correctly detangling your hair, you should partition them from the middle and use hair ties or bobby pins to secure the two halves. You can take up different strands of your hair of equal sizes and start curling them. You should finish one strand from the root to the tip and then only take up the other strand for better results.

You should make the curls differently depending upon the hair section that you take up while curling. The smaller sections should have tight curls whereas the larger ones should be styled with loose curls. You can check out the complete details about hair straighteners from here.

Also, before you start curling, you should check the temperature of your flat iron as it is very important for it to be of the desirable one.

Step 7:

You should firmly hold one strand of your hair in one hand and let the other hand move so as to grab the hair straightener. It should be in the direction of your hair so as to straighten or curl them.

Step 8:

You should get the iron near to your scalp but should avoid every kind of contact because then you might burn yourself. When it touches your scalp, you should move it in the downward direction that will lead to a proper salon like the finish of that particular hair strand.

Step 9:

Now you should pick up that hair strand that is not clamped. You should twist it around the plates and also the strand should be below the rod and not above it. The hair strand should accordingly be pulled and the remaining hair should be left open parallel to the ground. As both the hands are free now, the next step can be conducted without any problem or hurdle.

Step 10:

It’s time for you to make another move. You should move the flat iron rod in a round way and stop when it reaches the remaining hanging hair strands parallel to the floor. This way the hair will twist and curl. The thing that should be remembered is that the curls should be done in the same direction and way.

After the rotation of the device concludes, you should now pull your hair and make them go through the hot plates of the rod. But you should do it slowly for a more defined curl.

After this, you can set free your device and it can be kept on a flat as well as a cool surface.

Style Your Hair with a Flat Iron

Step 11:

Your fingers can be used to provide the concluding touch to your curl. The curl can be twisted around your finger so as to make the curl last for a longer time. You should use the hair spray on your hair on every hair strand but not more than for a time span of 3 seconds.

Step 12:

Step 5 onwards can be repeated for the leftover sections of your hair. You will end up with beautiful curls with a salon like a touch and professional teasing but sitting at home.

These were 12 easy steps in which you can style your hair with your flat iron.


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