Comparison between Perfumes and Fragrances

There are an enormous number of perfumes and fragrances that have been manufactured these days. Both perfumes and fragrances are used for spreading freshness and increasing attraction, but there are some differences between these two products. They are different in their design, fragrances concentrations, notes used in manufacturing and their costs. Thus, the different qualities and effects help to make a comparison between perfumes and fragrances.

Perfume and fragrance

Factors For Comparison

  1. Composition – The perfumes and fragrances have different intensities of material present in them. The perfumes contain 10% to 15% of essential oils while fragrances have only 5% of necessary oils present in them. Fragrances have much higher alcohol content than the perfume that helps in providing an exceptional level of freshness. The fragrances are made by using more natural materials than perfumes and so, can cause skin irritation.
  2. Notes – There are various scents help in the manufacturing of perfumes and fragrances. These scents are known as notes. The perfumes have several notes that contribute to creating a smoothing appeal and a unique aroma. But fragrances are made up of various top notes, some middle notes and some base notes that make them produce oriental, floral or a citrus kind of scent. A different kind of incredible aroma is created by using so many notes.
  3. Cost – This is a crucial factor that makes perfumes and fragrances popular in the market. The amount of ingredients such as alcohol and water and their concentration levels help in deciding the cost of any perfume or fragrance. It is a very common thing that more concentration scents will be more expensive. So, due to the presence of more natural materials such as essential oils fragrances are more costly than perfumes. But, sometimes the designing costs used in perfumes make the more expensive than fragrances.
  4. Availability – The perfumes and fragrances both are commonly available in spray bottles. The different types of perfumes like Eau de Parum, Eau de Toilette and Eau Fraiche are available in particular bottle types such as sprays and glass containers. Mostly, we can found perfumes and fragrances in glass bottles with dark coloured crystal for the protection of the skin. Aftershaves and body spray come in plastic spray bottles and stable formulations. The perfumes are also available in beautiful bottles with attractive shapes.
  5. Manufacturing Types – The fragrances and perfumes are manufactured using different materials so as to make them use differently for human beings. A perfume is made with fruity or floral essential oils for use especially by the woman. On the other hand, a fragrance is created with masculine in mind and includes spicy or citrus oils. Thus, both perfumes and fragrances have been designed so that anyone can use the product that suits him best.
  6. Lasting Effect – The perfumes and fragrances produce a different lasting impact because of the presence of various concentration levels of alcohol and several oils. The perfumes contain the high concentration of essential oils but a small concentration of alcohol content. So, perfumes last longer as compared to fragrances. Various forms of fragrances are blended with a high concentration of alcohols that producing a short lasting effect and need to reapply. Here you can also checkout the steps to style your hair with flat iron.
  7. Skin Irritation – Perfume has been known as the product that contains the highest concentration and strength of aromatic oils. So there are a large number of materials both natural and synthetic that are used in making perfumes and fragrances. Most of the starting materials for making fragrances are derived from flower parts. The presence of so many natural ingredients in fragrances causes more skin irritation as compared to perfumes.
  8. Other Harmful Effects – The fragrances due to many notes of aromatic oils causes various allergies and breathing problems. On the other hand, perfumes do not cause many adverse effects because they are made using less number of natural materials. Thus, Fragrances need more precautions than perfumes for safe and efficient uses.


Summing up, the perfumes and fragrances are manufactured differently using ingredients in different concentration levels. Due to this thing, they have different costs, qualities, lasting effect and aroma. Moreover, there are specific uses of perfumes and fragrances for men and women. Thus, by knowing all these factors we can make differences between fragrances and perfumes.