How Long Does the Hoover Air Cordless Actually Run?

It is indisputably true that buying a vacuum cleaner for your home is a great investment which helps you to get rid of the cumbersome task of cleaning with ease. But when you have bought the Hoover Air Cordless vacuum cleaner, then your life is certainly going to be uncomplicated as you have ample time to do your other household chores and fulfill your professional obligations productively. In fact, the Hoover air cordless vacuum cleaner comes with the latest technology of windtunnel that makes the cleaning job superbly effective and less time consuming. Moreover, the Hoover vacuum cleaner comes without cord which reduces the weight of the vacuum cleaner and you can effectively carry on cleaning your entire home at a one go.

Hoover Air Cordless

How Long Does the Hoover Air Cordless Actually Run?

It is predominantly significant to buy a vacuum cleaner which proves to be a great value for your money and undoubtedly, the Hoover air cordless vacuum cleaner fits the bill. This vacuum cleaner weighs less than 10 pounds and comes with the great facility of being the great domestic help without the cord. So. Let’s study How Long Does the Hoover Air Cordless Actually Run?

  1. The Powerful Batteries of Hoover Air Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

It is certainly significant to understand that the actual power of a Hoover air cordless vacuum cleaner comes from its two batteries, which provide you the 50 minutes of uninterrupted power cleaning. In fact, it won’t be wrong to state that these batteries are so powerful that once you start cleaning job, you can actually clean the twenty five rooms having the dimensions of 10*10 foot in a single go. The best part is that you have the power to clean your place without bothering about charging your Hoover air cordless vacuum cleaner. It is this feature of a Hoover air cordless vacuum cleaner which gives an advantage over its contemporaries as it’s without cord and weighs less than 10 pounds, which means that you can continue your task of cleaning quite easily and without bothering about managing the heavy weight or the cord issues.

  1. The Incredible Efficiency of Hoover Air Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

It is relevant to comprehend the fact that the batteries of Hoover air cordless vacuum cleaner are far more superior to its contemporaries. In fact, it has got the two fold power as compared to that of the customary Lithium batteries, which provide it an amazing ability to work for 50 minutes and that too nonstop without any recharge. It is also important to bring into light the fact that the Hoover air cordless vacuum cleaner batteries recharge 3 times faster, which definitely adds to its productivity and superb finish. This implies that once you have fully charged your Hoover air cordless vacuum cleaner, then you can enjoy cleaning your place for 50 minutes and that too without losing any power, suction or having any need to recharge and that adds to its enhanced usability. Moreover, you need not to carry any cord with you, which make your work far easier and enjoying.

Hoover Air Cordless

  1. The Remarkable Features of a Hoover Air Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Besides having the excellent batteries to provide improved productivity, the Hoover Air Cordless vacuum cleaner comes with the wind tunnel technology along with the HEPA technology. These features add to the enhanced performance of the Hoover air cordless vacuum cleaner as it enables to uproot even the deeply embedded dirt, dust and pollen present in the air close to 0.03% microbes. This implies that you can easily get rid of all sorts of dirt and dust allergies from your home and make a clean and healthy environment for your entire family. In fact, the Hoover air cordless vacuum cleaner works with three channels of suction which make even the most difficult part of cleaning job easier and you can happily rely on a Hoover air cordless vacuum cleaner to make sure that your home is in the safe hands and now cleaning the most tricky areas like staircases, carpets and even the area with maximum traffic is now an enjoyable activity. Here you can also check out the best steam mop for tiles.

Hoover Air Cordless

Hence, it can be ascertained that the above mentioned features and specifications have adequately answered the question of How Long Does the Hoover Air Cordless Actually Run? In fact, the long working ability of the Hoover air cordless vacuum cleaner batteries makes it highly recommended choice for all those people who need a perfect partner in performing the cleaning chores and that too with amazing ease and perfection.

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The Best Steam Mop For Tiles

After moving to the new apartment, I was shocked when I noticed the cleanliness and hygiene of those tiles. When I compared it with my earlier apartment, the level was totally different.

Now I decided to maintain this style for lifelong, so I began the search for a steam mop that is best for tiles. Few brands I shortlisted that my friends and relatives are using. After a thorough research, I found out that one should first list down his/her requirements. This would help you greatly in short listing the product that would fulfill your demands. Just because, a particular model is working properly at your friends place, doesn’t mean that it would work well for you too. More so, if you have pets at home, your requirements are different from the non-pet homes.


So, before I shortlisted my top brands for tile cleaning, I listed my requirements. Let me discuss them with you.

  1. Efficiency

I wanted a mop that is convenient and easy to use. I did one experiment with the mops; I gathered all kind of things like hair spray, toothpaste, pancake, syrup, oatmeal, sauces, etc. I squeezed these all on a portion of a tile which I had already kept aside for my experiments. I left the stuff overnight so that it can easily be dried up.

Next morning when I got up I saw only a few brands could clean the spill from the tile and the rest of them were not very effective. In my view the results were not very satisfactory.

  1. Killing germs

The brands that were selected are better than others in producing steam around 200 degrees F that is enough for cleaning and makes difficult for the germs to survive. The killing of germs is another aspect I wanted my mop to do. With a pet and an infant at home, I want the floor to be free from all kinds of germs so that my infant can crawl reluctantly on the floor my pet is also moving around. In fact, this was at the top of my list.

  1. Safety

Given the safety of tiles, many models leave moisture on tiles that are considered to be dangerous for the kids because the moisture makes the tiles slippery and can even damage the tiles forming a mildew of some marks on the floor. Thus, who wants a mop that poses a threat to you and your children? I am sure NONE

Top three models for the tiles are-

  1. Oreck Steam

Oreck Steam

It is considered to be like the best steam wand for mopping. It eliminates all the stains in the second attempt. The steam mop can run up to 30 minutes, and this timing is far enough to kill the germs .It is very friendly to tiled floors, and it also has an attachment for windows and toilets also. The only minus point is that is cleaning cloth is to be attached with the help of hands and has to be held with clips.

  1. Sienna Aqua Pro Steam Mop-

Sienna Aqua Pro Steam Mop

It is considered to be the best for removing stains and sticky or oily mess from tiled floor. It takes very less time for heating and the tank also can be easily removed. Removing the tank is a little bit difficult. Cleaning cloth also has to be attached manually. But overall, it is a good buy. Here you can also check out the comparison between perfume and fragrance.

  1. Reliable steamboy T2 sweep and steam mop-

Reliable steamboy T2 sweep and steam mop-

It is also marked to be the best mop for removing oily and sticky stains from tiled floors. It consists of a water tank that is removable, and the best part is cleaning cloth is fitted automatically.

Reviews can also be checked from Amazon of these mops. These were my top 3 steam mops for tiled floors. I have tried my best to provide you the detailed information. If still you have any doubts, you can always write down your query in the comments section, and I shall reply to you with all honesty.

If this article was useful to you, then share it with your friends and family on your social media accounts. Stay tuned for more informative articles like these. Till then, Happy Mopping!

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Comparison between Perfumes and Fragrances

There are an enormous number of perfumes and fragrances that have been manufactured these days. Both perfumes and fragrances are used for spreading freshness and increasing attraction, but there are some differences between these two products. They are different in their design, fragrances concentrations, notes used in manufacturing and their costs. Thus, the different qualities and effects help to make a comparison between perfumes and fragrances.

Perfume and fragrance

Factors For Comparison

  1. Composition – The perfumes and fragrances have different intensities of material present in them. The perfumes contain 10% to 15% of essential oils while fragrances have only 5% of necessary oils present in them. Fragrances have much higher alcohol content than the perfume that helps in providing an exceptional level of freshness. The fragrances are made by using more natural materials than perfumes and so, can cause skin irritation.
  2. Notes – There are various scents help in the manufacturing of perfumes and fragrances. These scents are known as notes. The perfumes have several notes that contribute to creating a smoothing appeal and a unique aroma. But fragrances are made up of various top notes, some middle notes and some base notes that make them produce oriental, floral or a citrus kind of scent. A different kind of incredible aroma is created by using so many notes.
  3. Cost – This is a crucial factor that makes perfumes and fragrances popular in the market. The amount of ingredients such as alcohol and water and their concentration levels help in deciding the cost of any perfume or fragrance. It is a very common thing that more concentration scents will be more expensive. So, due to the presence of more natural materials such as essential oils fragrances are more costly than perfumes. But, sometimes the designing costs used in perfumes make the more expensive than fragrances.
  4. Availability – The perfumes and fragrances both are commonly available in spray bottles. The different types of perfumes like Eau de Parum, Eau de Toilette and Eau Fraiche are available in particular bottle types such as sprays and glass containers. Mostly, we can found perfumes and fragrances in glass bottles with dark coloured crystal for the protection of the skin. Aftershaves and body spray come in plastic spray bottles and stable formulations. The perfumes are also available in beautiful bottles with attractive shapes.
  5. Manufacturing Types – The fragrances and perfumes are manufactured using different materials so as to make them use differently for human beings. A perfume is made with fruity or floral essential oils for use especially by the woman. On the other hand, a fragrance is created with masculine in mind and includes spicy or citrus oils. Thus, both perfumes and fragrances have been designed so that anyone can use the product that suits him best.
  6. Lasting Effect – The perfumes and fragrances produce a different lasting impact because of the presence of various concentration levels of alcohol and several oils. The perfumes contain the high concentration of essential oils but a small concentration of alcohol content. So, perfumes last longer as compared to fragrances. Various forms of fragrances are blended with a high concentration of alcohols that producing a short lasting effect and need to reapply. Here you can also checkout the steps to style your hair with flat iron.
  7. Skin Irritation – Perfume has been known as the product that contains the highest concentration and strength of aromatic oils. So there are a large number of materials both natural and synthetic that are used in making perfumes and fragrances. Most of the starting materials for making fragrances are derived from flower parts. The presence of so many natural ingredients in fragrances causes more skin irritation as compared to perfumes.
  8. Other Harmful Effects – The fragrances due to many notes of aromatic oils causes various allergies and breathing problems. On the other hand, perfumes do not cause many adverse effects because they are made using less number of natural materials. Thus, Fragrances need more precautions than perfumes for safe and efficient uses.


Summing up, the perfumes and fragrances are manufactured differently using ingredients in different concentration levels. Due to this thing, they have different costs, qualities, lasting effect and aroma. Moreover, there are specific uses of perfumes and fragrances for men and women. Thus, by knowing all these factors we can make differences between fragrances and perfumes.

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12 Steps to Style Your Hair with a Flat Iron

Whenever we go to a parlour and get curls done with the help of a hair straightener, it is quite common that the curls open by the time we reach home. This is obviously a very sad sight for all the females. This time, we wish that we had devices to curl our hair again and redo our hair style. Below given are 15 simple steps that will help you to create the curled hair look all by yourself simply by sitting at home and using the hair styling devices. You might create a mess first but you will surely gain perfection after the continuous practice.

If you are sure or aware of your hair type, then these steps will go all the simpler for you. You can get amazing curls with the touch of the professionals of the parlour just by using some devices sitting at your place. But it is necessary for you to have the idea of your hair type to get better results otherwise it might be slightly difficult.

Style Your Hair with a Flat Iron

So here are the instructions that you can follow for outstanding curls while sticking to your type of hair.

Step 1:

You should never try and use the straightener on wet hair. This is because the plates are hot and can excessively damage your hair. You will end up paying a huge amount to get your damaged hair repaired. If the straightener plate touches any part of your skin, it can leave burns there too.

Step 2:

Here is the list of devices which you will require styling your hair:

  1. Hair straightener
  2. Hair dryer
  3. Brushes
  4. Clips
  5. Mirror
  6. Hair serum
  7. Head spray

Step 3:

You should plug your device in the switch and then certainly wait for the device to heat up to the desired temperature. Also, it should be kept on a flat surface which is sturdy too.

The temperature differs from each hair type. You should consult below for the temperature to be taken up for sticking to your kind of hair.

  • Curly = 380 to 430°
  • Wavy = 360 to 380°
  • Straight = 200 to 360°

Step 4:

Use a hair dryer so that it can help you dry your hair faster. You should comb your while drying because it does not let the hair form knots or detangle. You can also comb your hair after your drying process is completely over. Here you can also check out the hoover air cordless.

Step 5:

It is necessary for you to own a hair serum if you want your hair strands to fight against the heat damage. You should first put it on your hand and then apply it all over your hair including the roots and the tips.

Style Your Hair with a Flat Iron

Step 6:

After correctly detangling your hair, you should partition them from the middle and use hair ties or bobby pins to secure the two halves. You can take up different strands of your hair of equal sizes and start curling them. You should finish one strand from the root to the tip and then only take up the other strand for better results.

You should make the curls differently depending upon the hair section that you take up while curling. The smaller sections should have tight curls whereas the larger ones should be styled with loose curls. You can check out the complete details about hair straighteners from here.

Also, before you start curling, you should check the temperature of your flat iron as it is very important for it to be of the desirable one.

Step 7:

You should firmly hold one strand of your hair in one hand and let the other hand move so as to grab the hair straightener. It should be in the direction of your hair so as to straighten or curl them.

Step 8:

You should get the iron near to your scalp but should avoid every kind of contact because then you might burn yourself. When it touches your scalp, you should move it in the downward direction that will lead to a proper salon like the finish of that particular hair strand.

Step 9:

Now you should pick up that hair strand that is not clamped. You should twist it around the plates and also the strand should be below the rod and not above it. The hair strand should accordingly be pulled and the remaining hair should be left open parallel to the ground. As both the hands are free now, the next step can be conducted without any problem or hurdle.

Step 10:

It’s time for you to make another move. You should move the flat iron rod in a round way and stop when it reaches the remaining hanging hair strands parallel to the floor. This way the hair will twist and curl. The thing that should be remembered is that the curls should be done in the same direction and way.

After the rotation of the device concludes, you should now pull your hair and make them go through the hot plates of the rod. But you should do it slowly for a more defined curl.

After this, you can set free your device and it can be kept on a flat as well as a cool surface.

Style Your Hair with a Flat Iron

Step 11:

Your fingers can be used to provide the concluding touch to your curl. The curl can be twisted around your finger so as to make the curl last for a longer time. You should use the hair spray on your hair on every hair strand but not more than for a time span of 3 seconds.

Step 12:

Step 5 onwards can be repeated for the leftover sections of your hair. You will end up with beautiful curls with a salon like a touch and professional teasing but sitting at home.

These were 12 easy steps in which you can style your hair with your flat iron.

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